Sunday, September 4, 2016


So much to tell yet so little time to write and post. To upload photo is another story.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1st Day Of School

12 June 2016 was her first day of attending play school. She was so excited to attend the school. But knowing her, no matter how excited she was, to get up early in the morning was a hard thing to do. She will throw  tantrum. She cried hard and after a while we managed to put her smile back while on the way to school.

Excited she was, but the moment she step foot in the school, she cried again but I just left her to the care of the teachers and hoping that it won't take that long to calm her.

 At noon her daddy went to fetch her and alhamdulillah, teachers said it just took them few minutes to calm her down and she mingles and played with her newly found friends.

Back home, she non- stop telling people how she had lots of new friends, playing, colouring etc. Alhamdulillah all went well.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alisha's small gathering for her 4th birthday-Belated post

We had a small gathering at my parents house for Alisha's 4th birthday with cousins, last January. No party and big celebration but enough to make her happy with the cake of her choice. Cake,candles, pink and princess were enough to make her smile and brag for the entire weeks.

Belated Post-Belated Birthday Celeb

 Food brought by relatives and neighbours

 On your mark-getting ready to collect the sweets
 Hurry up
 This lil pumpkin was confused what she need to do
 Birthday boy was so excited
 Another confused lil boy
 Guests having their selection of food

 Amongst the guests

 The lil' host

 Food station
 Musical Chair

 One of the winner

We had his belated birthday celebration on 31 Oct with Minion Theme.It was on Saturday and the first party we had at our own house. He doesn't know that we planned this party till the very last minute where he had to changed his clothes and when he saw the cake.. He did asked anyway but I just told him that the party is for Kakak (his cousin sister).

When asked later that day, he told me that he was very happy and surprised that we had it at our house with games as well. He said the two games was not enough and many of his friends said we should have more, Insha Allah dear, may be next year.